Our offer


🔁  High frequency

7 to 9 round trips /year /vessel
The number of departures per week depends on the commitments of our clients. Contact us for more info.

🌍  Emissions reduction

>95%, the highest in the market from harbor to harbor.

⚡ Délais

Lead time: <15 days

  • Faster than conventional ships [FR>US]
  • World’s fastest sailing cargo vessels (100% wind-powered)
How can a sailing cargo vessel be faster than a conventional container ship?

Weather routing is a key component when defining the most efficient way:

Weather routing meteo (Route du Rhum ocean race)

🎯 Local distribution

We take into account your last/first mile delivery to lower the delays and the impact of your global supply chain.

🔒 Customer support

Tailored customer support and high security throughout the logistic chain to comply with the standards of air freight.

  • Our harbors are secured (ISPS);
  • Our holds are locked, secured, monitored (24/7), with crew members on-board (24/7) as soon as the cargo is loaded;
  • Our process is optimised to avoid waiting times and third-party interventions;
  • Augmented security and traceability options are available for the most demanding products.  

📷  Communication

Key leverages for your own communication

  • An actual sailboat dedicated to transporting your goods
  • Full transparency on carbon emissions for each journey

🤝 Reliability

we lower volatility on transport prices and lead times by offering pricing commitments from 5-year volume commitments.


  • French west coast
  • Portugal – France – UE
  • North Africa – France – UE