Because the environmental crisis is official and the planet needs protecting;

Because natural resources are becoming scarce and it is urgent to reduce our consumption;

Because international transportation is responsible for 6% of Global GHG emissions, after doubling in the last 20 years and while being expected to double again by 2050 and companies need to act to minimize its impact;

At VELA, we offer a real and unique alternative to conventional freight with the lowest carbon footprint while complying with the highest safety and traceability standards.

The international transportation of goods is necessary to today’s global economies, yet we believe in its reduction and optimization by making the sea the most eco-friendly place for transporting goods on Earth.

To make it possible, we are creating the most efficient and environmentally responsible, 100% wind-powered, sea freight solution.

We should stop using oil wherever it is possible. Sailing makes it possible and is the most eco-friendly long-distance transportation method.

Let’s work together for a more sustainable freight transport!